We are not your typical law firm - and we don't want to be. Agueci Calabretta is a specialized firm dedicated to the niche practice area of debtor/creditor law, with a particular emphasis on mortgage enforcement.

We do one thing - and we do it exceptionally well. We know that our clients want a firm capable of providing mortgage and debt enforcement solutions to alleviate their administrative burden and reduce their costs. Once a file is assigned to us, we are entrusted with protecting our clients against both financial and reputational risk. We know that time is money; that's why we pride ourselves on providing timely and accurate legal solutions. We balance sensitivity in our approach when dealing with distressed mortgagors, yet remain firm in our mission to protect our clients' best interests.

For more than 30 years, many of Canada’s top financial institutions have appreciated the Agueci Calabretta difference for their business. If you are a financial institution looking for a different type of law firm to serve your needs, then we invite you to experience the Agueci Calabretta difference for yourself.


Founded in 1983 by Joseph Agueci and John Calabretta, Agueci Calabretta has distinguished itself as one of Ontario's premier boutique law firms specializing in debtor/creditor law. From a simple dedication to providing personalized service, the firm has expanded and proudly services over 25 financial institutions, including multiple Schedule "A" banks, trust companies, credit unions, mortgage lending institutions, mortgage service companies, and mortgage and title insurance companies.

The Agueci Calabretta team has grown steadily over the past 30 years, and includes some of Ontario's most respected mortgage enforcement lawyers and legal professionals.


Due to the highly sensitive nature of our work and our clients, we follow rigorous protocols to ensure that all communications and information storage are highly secure. As part of our commitment to both speed and security, we receive and transmit secured communications through the DRN, Litigation Highway, NRS and Techcom systems. We also regularly maintain and upgrade our technology systems to ensure that we are operating at maximum efficiency, while investing in other technologies to integrate our systems with those of our clients. We make it our priority to deliver services to our clients promptly and securely.

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